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CD: 100 NOK / 12 EURO / 15 US Dollars
12″ LP: 150 NOK / 16 EURO / 18 US Dollars
7″ single: 70 NOK / 8 EURO / 8 US Dollars
T-shirt: 150 NOK / 15 EURO / 16 US Dollars
MC: 60 NOK / 7 EURO / 8 US Dollars
Handmade Books: 200 NOK / 24 EURO / 32 US Dollars


MoE “Examination of The Eye of a Horse” LP


MoE “Examination of The Eye of a Horse” CD


MoE “Examination of The Eye of a Horse” T-shirt


Oslo Janus T-shirt


MoE 3 is back in stock! 2nd edition CD, silver version!


MoE “Oslo Janus (III)” (CD)


Skaset “8:15” (CD)

MoE 3

MoE “3” (LP/CD/MC) SOLD OUT!(2.nd edition out soon!)


MoE “Oslo Janus (II)” (CD)

MoE “David Yow” (7″)

MoE “Oslo Janus” (Cd)

Camille Norment Trio (Prisma Records)

Gjerstad/Skaset/Tafjord/Mølstad/Moe (Cd)

MoE/The Observatory (12″ single)(Sold Out!)

Skaset (7″)

MoE “Left to swallow” (12″)

The Skaset (MC)

Bluefaced People (7″)

Sult “Bark” (CDr Released by bug incision)(Sold Out!)

MOE t-shirt (printed by Drid Machine)(Sold out!)

Guro Skumsnes Moe “Puster gjennom-siktig glasskår” (hand made book)(Sold Out!)

Bluefaced People “Kjetil Hanssen” (MC)(Sold out!)

MOE “It pictures” lyrics (handmade book)(Sold Out!)

MOE “It pictures” (CD & LP)

SEKSTETT, Gjerstad, Skaset, Grenager, Tafjord, Mølstad, Moe (CD)

Telling Stories About Trees (CDr)(Sold Out!)

MOE  Eyes/Lies (7″)

Bluefaced People (MC released by Kassettkultur)(Sold Out!)

Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio (CD)

The Snake Decides featuring Jan Bang & Erik Honoré  (7″)

Lars Kurverud Xtet (CD released by BushBaby Rec.)